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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Hungund Pincode / Post Office Search (BAGALKOT, Karnataka)

Aihole B.O 587124HungundKarnataka
Amaravati B.O 587118HungundKarnataka
Amarawadgi B.O 587125HungundKarnataka
Amingad S.O 587112HungundKarnataka
Balkundi B.O 587125HungundKarnataka
Banakanadoni B.O 587125HungundKarnataka
Belgal B.O 587112HungundKarnataka
Bevinmatti B.O 587112HungundKarnataka
Bhimangad B.O 587202HungundKarnataka
Bisaldinni B.O 587115HungundKarnataka
Budihal S.K. B.O 587125HungundKarnataka
Chikkadapur B.O 587125HungundKarnataka
Chikmagi B.O 587120HungundKarnataka
Chilapur B.O 587124HungundKarnataka
Chinnapur B.O 587125HungundKarnataka
Chittargi B.O 587112HungundKarnataka
Chitwadgi B.O 587118HungundKarnataka
Dhannur B.O 587118HungundKarnataka
Ganjihal B.O 587115HungundKarnataka
Gorbal B.O 587154HungundKarnataka
Hadagalli B.O 587112HungundKarnataka
Havaragi B.O 587118HungundKarnataka
Herur B.O 587154HungundKarnataka
Hirebadwadgi B.O 587118HungundKarnataka
Hirekodagali B.O 587154HungundKarnataka
Hiremagi B.O 587112HungundKarnataka
Hiremalgavi B.O 587115HungundKarnataka
Hireotageri B.O 587154HungundKarnataka
Hulaginal B.O 587112HungundKarnataka
Hungund Bazar S.O 587118HungundKarnataka
Hungund S.O 587118HungundKarnataka
Huvanur B.O 587115HungundKarnataka
Iddalgi B.O 587112HungundKarnataka
Ilal B.O 587202HungundKarnataka
Ilkal Town S.O 587125HungundKarnataka
Ilkal S.O 587125HungundKarnataka
Jammaldinni B.O 587154HungundKarnataka
Kadiwal B.O 587125HungundKarnataka
Kamatgi S.O 587120HungundKarnataka
Kamblihal B.O 587125HungundKarnataka
Kandgal B.O 587154HungundKarnataka
Karadi B.O 587125HungundKarnataka
Katagur B.O 587207HungundKarnataka
Kelur B.O 587124HungundKarnataka
Kodihal B.O 587125HungundKarnataka
Marol B.O 587118HungundKarnataka
Moratageri B.O 587154HungundKarnataka
Muganur B.O 587120HungundKarnataka
Murdi B.O 587202HungundKarnataka
Nagur B.O 587118HungundKarnataka
Rakkasagi B.O 587112HungundKarnataka
Ramthal B.O 587120HungundKarnataka
Ramwadgi B.O 587118HungundKarnataka
Sangam B.O 587115HungundKarnataka
Sulebhavi S.O 587124HungundKarnataka
Surlikal B.O 587120HungundKarnataka
Tallikeri B.O 587124HungundKarnataka
Timmapur B.O 587118HungundKarnataka
Tumba B.O 587154HungundKarnataka
Wadageri B.O 587202HungundKarnataka